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Taking a Break

Hi, If you have come here, I am not currently updating this blog. Just taking a break! Have a good day!

WCS Craftacular! Nov 4 and 5

 This owl is made by Erica and Michelle of hoothootpdx from Portland.  What up ladies!  Miss you E!  But the crafts for sale at the Williams Community School Craft Fair will be local from Austin.  I can’t teleport Erica and Michelle here.  Sorry!  But the Williams Community School is awesome, and the proceeds from the fair go to help the school.  Word!

Hammock Love

Having this hammock inside this weekend has been really nice.  I’ve enjoyed it, and so has Otis.  It feels so good, and especially since it is therapeutic for him!  So… we never have people over to eat formally… so for now, we have a hammock in the dining area.  It works.  Although Chad is concerned about poking his eye out.  Hmmm.

Temple of Awesome!

Temple Grandin is a guest on Extreme Makeover Home Edition where they pimp a family’s house in Medford, Oregon.  They have two autistic kids.  I can’t wait to watch!


12 foot. Ohhhhh yes. Best hundred bucks ever! (on sale at Toys R US) therapeutic for Otis. Fun for all humans!



They sell this Discover Kids fake aquarium for 10 bucks at CVS.  It is mesmerizing for pets and Otis is into it.  Makes a nice nightlight while he falls asleep, and it works in the bathroom if he doesn’t have any gadget to play with while he goes to the bathroom.